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We provide enterprise software solutions, support and consultation.

RADD Solutions develop bespoke web, desktop and mobile solutions; provide established solutions; and provide support for new and existing software solutions throughout product lifetimes and through end-of-life, into the next product.

web, desktop and mobile applications

RADD Solutions analyse, restore and maintain our clients existing software solutions and support 3rd party software deployments, integrations and data migration as well as providing new software solutions.

We support our clients, not simply focusing on products, but by providing additional business value through integrations, hosting, training, consultation, advice and any other support we can reasonably provide.

Putting all the pieces together
Where it’s in the interest of our clients, we aim to become your trusted technology partners.
Microsoft Partner

Our Mission

Your GOTO Software Engineers


Solving Your Enterprise and Railway Problems with Practical Software Solutions


Providing Solutions, Not Just Software

Value Proposition

Clients and Partners

Arriva Rail London
Dell Technologies Authorized Partner
Dot Origin Reseller
Intel Partner
Microsoft Partner
Northern Trains Ltd
SAP Partner Edge
Sapphire Systems
South Western Railway
Railway Industry Association
Rail Business Daily Community


RADD Solutions Limited provide full lifecycle solutions and services.


We conduct requirements analysis and provide established or bespoke software solutions as:

  • Web Sites and Web Applications
  • Windows Desktop Software
  • Mobile Applications
  • Embedded Applications
  • Services for Existing Applications

We can provide Software As A Service (SaaS), cloud hosted solutions and deployments to client infrastructure.


We provide on-going maintenance and support for new and existing software solutions including:

  • Maintenance and development of live systems
  • Restoration or replacement of legacy sofware
  • Change management and deployment documentation
  • Development of test environments
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Test Environments
  • Web Site Analytics (Bespoke, Cloudflare, Google Analytics and Microsoft Application Insights)
  • Application and Service Health Monitoring
  • Microsoft SharePoint Development
Integration & Migration

We provide integrations between 3rd party systems to enhance the value of our clients existing software investment and we facilitate migrations between software solutions.

  • Software and Infrastructure Analysis
  • Data Aalysis, Extraction and Transformation
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Development of sevices that communicate with 3rd party systems and/or underlying data storage
  • Development of software tools to detect, read and tranform reports and data exports
  • Development of bespoke plugins for existing software systems

We include significant testing on new developments and can provide testing as a service including

  • Code based (Unit/Integration) testing
  • Development of automated testing Suites
  • Authoring of Manual Test Scripts
  • Manual Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing Support

We provide consultation, support and advice for our clients, this includes:

  • Problem and Requirements analysis
  • Software and Systems analysis
  • Business Process analysis
  • Project Management
  • User and Developer Training
  • Software architecture and design consultation

How We're Different

RADD Solutions Limited provide solutions, not just software.

RADD Solutions work closely with our clients to analyse problems, provide solution options, implement a chosen solution with the stakeholders, support user acceptance and testing, and maintain the solution for as long as support is needed.

At the core of our business is continuous improvement. RADD Solutions are constantly improving our business process to provide our clients with improved services. Under a maintenance agreement we will also continuously improve our client’s software solutions and related business processes, with appropriate client and stakeholder approval.

Our Work

RADD's  expertise as a wordcloud

At RADD Solutions Limited, we've established a broad portfolio of work over the years, covering a wide range of business areas and uses. We're also proud to have become a trusted partner to the railway sector, providing bespoke solutions, hardware, consultation and software maintenance, among many other services.

Our work capabilities are varied, and we'll always take the time to tailor our services to suit your needs. Some of the business areas we've delivered solutions into are:

HR Operations

  • Absence and Sickness Management
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Management
  • Starters and Leavers Processes
  • Health and Safety
  • Training
  • Organisation Structure Modelling


  • Railway Depot Safety Tests
  • Train Driver Certification
  • Policy Management
  • Subject Access Request Automation
  • Risk management
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Impact Assessment
  • Statutory Railway Reporting
  • Construction Health and Safety Management
  • Contractor and Site Maintenance Control

Management & Finance

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting Across Departments and Organisations
  • Starters and Leavers Processes
  • Salary and Severance Calculators
  • Project Management
  • Risk Analysis


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Document Control
  • Internal Communication and Social Networking
  • Corporate Home Pages
  • Remote Display Boards and Content Management
  • Mobile Surveying Systems


  • Railway Defect and Maintenance Control
  • Asset and Asset Inspection
  • Fleet Management and Statutory Examinations
  • Competency Management


  • Ticket Machine Management
  • Disability Support
  • Mental Health Support
  • Signalling Support
  • Data Migration and Data Centre Migrations
  • Application, Database and Service Monitoring

"I’ve worked with RADD Solutions for a number of years, they’re a professional agile business. Highly skilled in software in development, software analysis and data transformation, RADD have proved themselves time and time again with accurate and on-time delivery with highly detailed and accurate documentation"

James Waddington

IS Programme Manager Arriva Rail North

Flexible Practices, Simple Pricing

RADD Solutions Limited combine a simple pricing structure and a flexible set of working practices.

Most projects fit into one of these three models:

Waterfall model abstract
Recommended for projects that have definable requirements, a fixed deadline or a fixed budget.
  • Detailed requirements for the project are established and estimates provided.
  • Milestones/deliverables will be agreed with the client.
  • Hours spent will be invoiced as each milestone is met.
  • Changes to the requirements are treated as separate projects.
  • Progress is reported regularly.
Agile model abstract
Recommended for projects that have loose requirements or a flexible budget.
  • High level requirements for the project are established.
  • The length of the project in hours (the budget) is agreed with the client.
  • Working deliverables will be produced regularly with the features and solutions that have been implemented.
  • The client can make changes to the requirements and priorities throughout the project.
  • Feedback will be given to the client about the effect of changes on the project deliverables.
  • The client will have the option of extending the project length/cost or removing/reducing features if changes appear to exceed the budget.
  • Hours spent on the project will be invoiced monthly.
Maintenance icon
Recommended for maintaining existing software, migrations, consultation and projects without a specific deadline or requirements.
  • A number of hours per month is agreed with the client.
  • The agreed hours are spent each month on the tasks and priorities of the client.
  • The actual order and prioritisation of work is determined by RADD Solution Limited.
  • The agreed hours are invoiced at the start of each month.


Here you'll find the latest news and updates from RADD Solutions, featuring events, team updates and much more.


Unlocking Innovation

Great day for the Unlocking Innovation - Eastern event organised by the Railway Industry Association at York Race Course.


Rail Business Daily Community

We are now members of the Rail Business Community.


Rail Industry Association

We are proud to announce that we are now a member of the Railway Industry Association.


RADD will be attending the next BCRRE's 'Supporting the Rail Supply Chain' Event about Challenges in Rail

As dedicated participants at the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education (BCRRE) events, RADD Solutions Limited are looking forward to the 9th event in the Supporting the Rail Supply Chain series that explores the challenges facing the UK Rail industry for stakeholders and supply chain.


University of Hull - MSc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Dissertations

RADD Solutions congratulates two brilliant students, Ashik Asharaf and Stephanie Ekekwe, on successfully completing their MSc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science dissertations at the Data Science, AI & Modelling Centre of Hull University!


Navigating Pricing Strategy for 2024 Event

RADD Solutions will be attending the Navigating Pricing Strategy for 2024 Event in Hull on 13 February 2024.


RADD will be attending BCRRE's 'Supporting the Rail Supply Chain' Event.

RADD Solutions is pleased to announce its participation in the BCRRE's 'Supporting the Rail Supply Chain' Event 8 at RaisE on the 6th of December, 2023.


TransPennine Express Unveils New Train Wrap In Support of Men's Mental Health

RADD Solutions were proud to support ANDYSMANCLUB today, with TransPennine Express, who have changed the livery on one of their trains to remind everyone that “it’s okay to talk”.


.NET 8 launch at the .NET Conference 2023

RADD will be attending the virtual .NET Conf and learn about the .NET 8 launch on 14-16th November.


Tech Week Humber Night Summit

RADD Solutions joins the Tech Week Humber Night Summit for an evening of celebration following Tech Expo on the 14th of November.


RADD Solutions are proud to announce John Harrison's promotion to CTO

We at RADD Solutions are very proud to announce that John Harrison, our lead developer got promoted to be our new CTO.


New addition to the RADD Solutions Team.

We are thrilled to introduce Raul Blideran, the latest addition to our ever-growing family here at RADD Solutions. With his exceptional skills and passion for coding, Raul is set to make a significant impact in our dynamic team.

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